What's the weather like today?

How to Clone?

Follow all these steps to clone the web app:

  1. Clone the Webflow website
  2. Clone the Wized project, and paste the Wized embed code into the cloned Webflow website
  3. Create an account on OpenWeather, and get your API key
  4. Clone the Airtable database, and get your API key
  5. Update API keys in My Apps inside the Wized Configurator

Walkthrough tutorial

If you have any questions, please reach out to Support.

Additional information

  • Webflow is used to build the web app UI.
  • Wized is used to transform the UI into a functional web app.
  • Using Wized, we connect the OpenWeather's REST API to fetch real-time weather data of any city in the world.
  • For this project, Airtable is used as the database to store custom weather icons.
  • Using Wized, we match & retrieve (as per the user's request) a custom weather icon and display it in the UI.